Video: MIOPS teams up with artist to create a symphony of camera shutters

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MIOPS, the company behind numerous photography products, including smart triggers, has cooperated with Berlin-based sound artist and designer Kuntay Seferoglu and regional Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony brands to create a music composition using the shutter sounds of different camera brands and MIOPS camera triggers to play the music.

Erkan Yigiter, MIOPS’ CTO and co-founder, said, ‘This idea suddenly came to my mind during an internal meeting when one of our employees said that our triggers ensure cameras take pictures at the right time, like a maestro.’ Yigiter then asked, ‘Can we create music from the shutter sound of different cameras by triggering them at the right time, like a maestro?’

Every camera has unique features and performance, but they also sound different. ‘As a camera equipment design company, we try to develop our products to be compatible with as many different brands and models as possible. Therefore, we take care to keep all brands as equidistant as possible. We know that if all these brands are in the market and continue to compete with each other, better photography products will be available and we as photographers will benefit most from this. This competition between brands not only enables better products to be released, but also allows photographers with different needs to reach the right equipment, thanks to the diversity that has emerged. This diversity acts as a complete orchestra. Instead of a piece of music played with a single instrument, it creates magnificent music that includes dozens of different instruments playing in harmony with each other.’ said Onur Celik, Co-Founder & CEO at MIOPS.

For the project, Seferoglu worked with cameras including the Canon 1D-X, Canon 6D, Fujifilm X-S10, Fujifilm X-T3, Nikon D850, Nikon Z7, Nikon Z6 II, Sony a7R and Sony a9. He recorded the shutter sounds of 27 different camera models and analyzed each of them in detail before ultimately settling on using the nine listed above.

MIOPS writes that Seferoglu ‘ prepared a mechanism consisting of different MIOPS products to trigger each camera, smartphones on which the MIOPS Mobile application that controls these triggers will run, and solenoid valves that enable the camera to be triggered by pressing the buttons in this application. Kuntay also developed computer software entirely by his own means to ensure that the solenoid valves are activated at the right time.’

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