TSMC’s 3nm chips are coming in 2023, 2nm in 2025

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TSMC has detailed its chip development timeline at its 2022 TSMC Technology Symposium.

The Taiwan-based chipmaker is introducing 3nm chips in the second half of this year and will bring 2nm technology to the world stage in 2025.

The 3nm node will come in five tiers, each more powerful, more transistor-dense, and more efficient – N3, N3E (Enhanced), N3P (Performance Enhanced), N3S (Density Enhanced), and N3X (Ultra High Performance).

As for the 2nm node, it will boost performance by 10% to 15 % at the same power draw, and bring a 25% to 30% lower consumption at the same frequency and transistor count, compared to the N3E node. N2 increases chip density over N3E by 1.1x.

TSMC's 3nm chips coming in 2023, going 2nm in 2025

TSMC introduced GAAFETs (gate-all-around field-effect transistors). The new nanosheet transistors will increase performance per watt by reducing resistance.

TSMC's 3nm chips coming in 2023, going 2nm in 2025

Meanwhile, Samsung Foundry will also begin mass-producing 3nm chips in 2022, but plans to begin producing 2nm chips in 2025, as well.

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