Samsung Galaxy S23 and Book3 pre-orders are ending, last chance to get a free storage upgrade

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The pre-order period and the associated perks for Samsung’s Galaxy S23 flagships is about to end – you only have two more days to score the free memory upgrade. The Galaxy Book3 series is also launching, including the Galaxy Book3 Ultra, which just went on pre-order earlier today (note that this one will ship a little later than the other laptops).

As a reminder, we already have reviews of the Galaxy S23 trio and we even had some hands-on time with the Galaxy Book3 Ultra.

You will find the new devices on as well as major retailers like Amazon. We have links below to take you to the online stores for several countries:


The Galaxy S23 Ultra starts at $200 if you sign with AT&T and trade in an old device. Basically everything is worth $1,000 including low end phones like the Galaxy A32 and old models like the Galaxy Note8.

Verizon has set the trade-in credit to $800 so the phone starts at $400. Even so, an old iPhone 7 will net you $800 in credit, the same goes for a variety of Samsung, Google, OnePlus and other devices.

US Cellular prices start at $450 for the S23 Ultra, but the trade in credit varies greatly – that price is achievable only if you send in something like a Galaxy Z Fold4 (valued at $750).

T-Mobile offers up to $1,000 trade-in credit for Magenta MAX plans, up to $500 for others. You will need to enter the IMEI of your old device to find out how much it is worth.

Moving on to the smaller models, the Galaxy S23 can be yours for free on Verizon and AT&T because just about everything is valued at $800. The same goes for the S23+, except the trade-in credit is set to $1,000, matching the phone’s price. Really, you won’t get $1,000 for an LG V50 ThinQ elsewhere.

The prices we’ve listed above are for an unlocked unit with no trade in. Without a carrier to boost the deals, trade-in values of older devices vary quite a bit, e.g. an S22 Ultra will get you $500, an iPhone 13 Pro Max $560.

We have also included Amazon links, which are for SIM-free models. Amazon is adding gift cards ($100 for the S23 Ultra and S23+, $50 for the S23) to reduce the effective price of the phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Book3 series is up for pre-order as well. Starting with the Galaxy Book3 Ultra flagship, the base configuration has an Intel Core i7. Also, you get a free storage upgrade from 512GB to 1TB, RAM is 16GB. There is an Nvidia RTX 4050 GPU inside. If you pick the Core i9 version of the laptop, you will get an RTX 4070 and 32GB of RAM instead. Trading in an old laptop, phone, tablet or smartwatch is an option to drop the price.

The Galaxy Book3 360, Book3 Pro and Book3 Pro 360 also come with i7 processors. No i9 option, though, and you will be relying on Intel Iris Xe graphics. On the plus side, you still get the free storage upgrade.

Canada Canada

Moving north to Canada, there are no carrier deals but you can get the S23 models in exclusive colors. The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes in Graphite, Sky Blue, Lime and Red, the other two only add Graphite and Lime to the usual four color palette (Cream, Phantom Black, Green and Lavender).

The Galaxy Book3 Ultra is not available for pre-order yet, but its price starts at C$3,000. Amazon has a listing and shows a February 22 shipping date. The other Galaxy Book3 models can be pre-ordered now and they come with a free pair of Galaxy Buds2.

Note that Amazon doesn’t have all SKUs available so the minimum price is lower.

UK UK has exclusive colors for the S23 series. The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes in Graphite, Sky Blue, Lime and Red, the other two only add Graphite and Lime to the usual four color palette (Cream, Phantom Black, Green and Lavender). Pre-orders are available with an S22 Ultra (128GB) fetching £600, for example.

Check out the Amazon links too, there is enhanced trade-in credit in play, £150 for the Ultra and £100 for the other two. Additionally, you can get a pair of Galaxy Buds2 for a small upcharge or Buds2 + case. For example, the S23 + Buds2 + case is only £30 more than just the phone.

The Galaxy Book3 Ultra base version has an Intel Core i7, an RTX 4050 and 16GB of RAM. You can pick the more powerful i9 and RTX 4070 instead, but the RAM won’t go up to 32GB like in other regions.

The storage is upgraded to 1TB for free and you can use a 10% discount when buying a Galaxy S23 phone, a Buds2 Pro headset or a Tab S8 tablet. The storage upgrade and 10% discount are available for the other Galaxy Book3 models as well.

Germany Germany

In Germany you can trade in an old device and get extra credit or get a discount instead. For the Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can have €150 on top of what your old device (phone, tablet or watch) is worth or a €100 discount. For the Galaxy S23 and S23+ it’s either a €100 bonus when trading in or a €50 discount. Samsung is offering a €15 discount of Samsung Care+ with all three phones.

Amazon is offering enhanced trade in, i.e. €150 higher discount when buying buying the S23 Ultra and €100 for the other two (if you send in an old device).

As for the laptops, all Galaxy Book3 models offered on now have €100 trade-in bonus and come with a free pair of Galaxy Buds2 in a color of your choice. Storage is upgraded to 1TB for free.

If you’re looking at the Galaxy Book3 Ultra, the base configuration is i7/16GB/1TB/RTX 4050, but you can upgrade to the i9/32GB/1TB/RTX 4070 instead.

India India

Unlike other regions, only the Galaxy S23 has a free memory upgrade. But it’s also the only one to start with 128GB storage, so that brings it up to the level of the other two – 256GB. But if you want a Galaxy S23+ or S23 Ultra with 512GB storage you will have to pay extra.

Don’t miss the Amazon links too. The S23 Ultra offer is slightly higher (only ₹5,000 more), but that includes a Galaxy Watch4 Classic and Galaxy Buds2. The S23+ costs the same as on, but you can get the Galaxy Watch4 for an extra ₹3,000. You can drop the price of the small Galaxy S23 by ₹5,000 by clicking on the coupon on Amazon.

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