Real Lego Figures Vs Skywalker Saga’s Digital Recreations

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Image for article titled Real Lego Figures Vs Skywalker Saga’s Digital Recreations

Image: Lego / Lucasfilm / Kotaku

Let’s end this list with another famous vehicle piloted by Luke Skywalker. This time it’s his X-Wing from A New Hope. Again, TT Games mostly nails the digital version of this fantastic Lego set. Just don’t look too closely at the nose piece. Stop. I told you to NOT do that…

This is of course not all of the figures or ships in the game, but even with this limited sample, you can see just how great TT Games is at recreating Lego figures and pieces in a video game. Sure, there are some minor differences and cheats, but by and large, most of the sets and figs are 1:1 copies of their real-life counterparts.

This is all very awesome and impressive, but also very annoying as a Lego fan because whenever I play the game I just get sad about not having all of these sets and figures. Then I go on eBay and buy some of the older sets and… well this is an expensive hobby.

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