Image credit: DPReview

Nikon has released a fairly substantial firmware update for its Z50 camera system that now brings eye-detection AF to video capture.

Firmware version 2.40 for the Nikon Z50 is now available to download from Nikon’s website. This update brings Nikon’s eye-detection AF mode to the APS-C camera system and improves eye-detection performance when shooting stills with the Auto-area AF mode.

While the Z50 is the more stills-oriented version compared to the EVF-less Z30, it has effectively identical video performance, so for anyone shooting video with the Z50, the addition of eye-detection AF should be a welcome improvement.

Image credit: DPReview

Nikon says it’s also improved the refresh rate for the focus points displayed in live view during subject-tracking and face/eye-detection AF. So, the focus points will refresh faster, but performance doesn’t appear to be improved.

In our review, we said the Z50’s ‘autofocus system is a little more awkward than it needs to be.’ And while this update doesn’t necessarily streamline the complexity, any improvement to the AF system is a step in the right direction.

Head on over to Nikon’s website to download firmware version 2.40 for the Nikon Z50.