New PlayStation 5 Bundle Comes With Horizon Forbidden West

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If you were planning to snag Horizon Forbidden West as soon as you managed to buy a PlayStation 5 at non-scalper prices, you might be in luck. The PlayStation Direct store currently shows that the game will be part of the upcoming bundle for the disc and digital versions of the PS5.

As originally spotted by GameSpot, this HFW bundle was already listed in the UK. The store’s description states that Horizon Forbidden West will be included as a digital voucher, which you can redeem on the PlayStation Store. The UK bundle is roughly a four percent discount compared to buying the system and game separately. It’s likely that the US version will be priced similarly. It’s also fitting as Horizon Forbidden West is a solid open world game that takes full advantage of the PS5’s greater processing capabilities.

However, the package is a good deal even if you’re not interested in playing HFW. PS5 stock is still notoriously hard to come by, and this bundle is another potential avenue for obtaining a console. With a bit of luck, you might be able to buy it if you can beat all the bots that usually buy up all the stock in an instant. We’ve got a guide to help you nab a console, any console at all. And you probably do want to have a PS5 as soon as possible since studios are already beginning to move on to the next console generation,though some big-budget releases are still planned for cross-gen compatibility.

The PS5 supply problems are due to the chip shortage that impacts many electronics makers across all sectors. A huge part of the supply chain is based in Shanghai, China, which is undergoing one of the most severe lockdowns since the pandemic first began.

Good luck, and I hope that you make it to checkout.

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