LensKit is a new iOS app that helps you pick the right camera, lens for your next video shoot

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Zak Ray, a cinematographer, colorist and developer who creates apps for filmmakers, has released LensKit, a new tool that makes it easy to plan a video shoot. LensKit consists of a comprehensive database of adapters, cameras and lenses that work together to show you what lenses can be used on what cameras, what their equivalent focal length will be based on the camera’s format and more.

LensKit’s database consists of lenses from Arri, Canon, Cook, Leica, Zeiss, Irix, Laowa, Panavision Rokinon, Sirui, Tokina and others, with complete specifications for all of the lenses (aside from Panavision). These specifications work with other features in the app to ensure you’re always framing the shot exactly as you intend with your given setup. Instead of only showing numbers, LensKit includes a clever coverage overlay that displays a lens’ image circle over the selected camera’s sensor to make sure the selected shooting mode is covered.

LensKit will also showcase the Super 35 equivalent focal length and features an interactive depth of field tool that lets you customize the inputs to meet your needs. The preview function will offer a simulation of the selected setup using a little graphic that shows a subject within a repositionable frame.

Other features include the ability to create your own kit using only lenses you rent frequently or own and a detailed filter feature that ensures you’ll be able to find any of the >1,000 lenses and >150 cameras currently in the database.

The app is free to download in the iOS App Store, but is very limited in functionality until you purchase either a $3 monthly subscription or $50 lifetime purchased.

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