Help the Library of Congress identify the people in these 17 mystery photos

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The Library of Congress is seeking help identifying photos found in a ‘very large collection of film, TV and music stills.’ The Library of Congress has been seeking information about some of these photos for a while now and decided to post the final unknown 17 images one final time so they would be available online to anyone who wants to take on the challenge and help.

The mystery photos have been at the Library of Congress for seven or eight years. During that time, the team exhausted its online databases and facial recognition technology resources. The hope is that someone will see one of the unknown photos online and know who it is or come up with new ideas to solve the ongoing mystery.

Each photo is shared in this article, along with all the information the Library of Congress knows about the photo. We aren’t going to post all 17 photos here, but we have selected a few to illustrate the situation.

Mystery image – Library of Congress

For this image, the LoC knows it was captured at Conway Studios, and it is not Lew Grade or Boris Morros. It’s believed that the map and photos behind the man may help solve the mystery.

Mystery image – Library of Congress

LC knows that the man behind the camera isn’t Ben Maddow, Fred Friendly, Franz Kafka or Rouben Mamoulian. Some guesses that can’t be ruled out are Bernard Hermann, Alexander Korda, George Cukor and Fernand Fonssagrives. The LC believes the camera in the image is a Graflex Graphic View. The camera was manufactured from 1941 to 1949. LC also notes the ‘man’s utter lack of earlobes.’ Finding out more about the camera in the image could help identify the subject.

Mystery image – Library of Congress

This image could be of a band, but there’s been no luck identifying the people individually or as a group. It’s not Deerhoof, Blond Redhead, Curve or Otoko.

You can see the issue. While the Library of Congress has ruled out some possibilities, it is still challenging to identify anyone in the final 17 photos. The subjects may not be from the US, making it even more challenging. However, someone out there knows who some of these people are. Their photos were taken for a reason. At the time, these images were meaningful to someone. To look at the full list of photos, click here.

Mystery image – Library of Congress

One of the mystery images – seen above – has proven so challenging that it has its own dedicated article. The answers to this photo and the rest are out there. Help put names to these faces.

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