Filter manufacturer Haida has announced the PROII CPL-VND 2-in-1 Filter, a new two-in-one photo filter that combines a circular polarizer with a variable neutral density (VND) filter, while retaining the ability to independently adjust each.

By having each of these filters operate independently of one another, this combo filter allows users to darken the entire scene with the VND filter (5-7 stops) while also selectively adjusting the circular polarizer to control the polarization in a particular area of the scene. For example, this filter would allow you both slow down your shutter speed to add a little motion to water with the VND filter while also selectively using the circular polarizer filter to make the sky darker, instead of other elements in the scene.

The filter will be available in 67mm, 77mm and 82mm sizes. Should you need to adapt it to a smaller front filter thread, you’ll need to pick up an adapter. Haida says the filter weighs in at 48g (1.7oz).

Haida hasn’t announced when the PROII CPL-VND 2-in-1 Filter will be available or what it will retail for. We have contacted the company to obtain this information and will update the article accordingly when we receive a response.