DZOFilm Marlin 1.6x Expander adapts Super35 lenses to full-frame cinema cameras

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DZOFilm has announced a new Marlin 1.6x Expander to adapt Super35 lenses to full-frame cameras. The adapter multiplies the lens’s focal length by 1.6x to magnify the image circle, resulting in a light loss of 1.5 stops, similar to how a teleconverter causes a reduction in light-gathering capability for a telephoto lens.

The Marlin includes a detachable supporting base and a stainless steel mount. It includes a special ring to perform minor flange back adjustment, eliminating the need for shims. The DXOFilm Marlin 1.6x Expander is relatively large for an adapter, but that’s partly due to the magnifying optics inside the unit. The expander is 109mm (4.3″) long and weighs 700g (25oz). It’s unclear precisely what the optical formula is, but DZOFilm says it uses high-resolution optics and that there’s no noticeable loss in image quality or any extra vignette when using the expander.

DZOFilm has optimized the Marlin expander for use with its Pictor Zoom S35 lenses, although it can be used with other lenses, too. To check compatibility and to calibrate back focus, an adapter clearance check tool is available on the DZOFilm website. There’s also a back focus adjustment tutorial you can read here.

The Marlin 1.6x Expander comes in five versions, allowing users to adapt S35 PL-mount lenses to Sony E, Canon RF, Leica L, PL and LPL-mount camera bodies with full-frame and larger than full-frame sensors. Pricing varies by version, with the PL to E, RF and L models retailing for $1,159. The PL to PL and PL to LPL models are $1,699. For more information, visit DZOFilm.

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