Dubblefilm announces new Cinema color 35mm film with cinematic colors and effects

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Dubblefilm has announced a new film, dubblefilm Cinema iso800 color film. The fast film promises ‘epic colors, insane tones at night, halo effect around bright red lights and a bluish tone in daylight.’

The 24x36mm film comes in a 36 exposure roll for just under $20 and is processed in C-41, the standard color process in labs. If you’re not sure where to find a lab, dubblefilm has a ‘Find a lab‘ tool on its website.

Adam Scott of dubblefilm said, ‘We are truly excited to finally launch our new color film CINEMA after many months of planning and testing! CINEMA is a fast iso 800 color 35mm film. We have used film for movie cameras and removed the protective remjet layer to make it more accessible for all 35mm film shooters!’ Scott adds, ‘As we all know there has been a serious drought of color film worldwide the last few months, so we are incredibly happy to be able to provide a new stock in the dubblefilm family to quench the analog thirst!’

While the new film is available for sale, a few developmental kinks are still being worked out. Removing the remjet, or removable jet black layer, and spooling the film is time-consuming. There may be light leaks in the first two or three frames with some films. If you’re using an electronic camera with DX readers, you must manually apply an included DX code sticker. Below is a sample gallery of images, provided by Dubblefilm:

Dubblefilm Cinema film is on sale directly from dubblefilm for $19.25 (tax included). The film is also available in a two pack for $37.44 and a five pack for $90.92. You can also order a Daily & Cinema pack that includes Daily color (27 exposures), Daily b&w (36 exposures) and Cinema (36 exposures) for $34.23. Worldwide shipping is available. To see dubblefilm’s other films, click here.

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