@dpreviewtv Send this to a friend that needs Auto ISO in their lives. For everyone using Auto ISO what camera are you using and what’s your minimum and maximum range? #dpreview #photography101 #photographytips #photographytipsandtricks #phototalk #iso #phototok ♬ original sound – DPReview

We’re excited to announce that DPReview TV is now on TikTok! Follow our channel to see additional content from Chris and Jordan that you won’t find on YouTube, along with weekly news updates, photography tips and more.

For you hard core readers, fear not: our presence on TikTok won’t impact the news and reviews you find here on the site. It’s a new channel of content above and beyond our website and YouTube channel, and hopefully one that you’ll find both useful and entertaining.

We look forward to meeting you across the interwebs, wherever you are!

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