15 Incredible Indie Games To Slam On Your Wishlist

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A man holds an umbrella in a rainy voxel street, walking past a bar.

Screenshot: ColePowered Games

“…no, you can have some water in the afternoon if you’re quiet.” I’m sorry, you’ve caught me just cramming the last of the Kotaku team in the Holiday Closet. As they rest and recuperate in tangled proximity, I have control of the site, and as such can write about indie games no one’s heard of yet. And use proper words like “cupboard” instead of “closet,” whatever those are.

Below is a randomly selected batch of forthcoming indie games, from the hundreds emailed in to me over the weekend. Unless otherwise stated, I’ve not played them, and so don’t vouch for them at all. But goodness me, look what a fantastic mix of intriguing ideas are coming up. Make sure to stick anything you like the look of on your Steam wishlist—this is one of the most practical ways you can support these games before their release.

I’ve made this a slideshow because it seems the nicest way to present them, rather than an over-long list. No whining.

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